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Posted on Jan 20, 2017

Many people say that 2016 went down, universally, as the worst year. But even in one of the worst economic crisis' that Calgary has ever seen, we literally saw thousands of people open their heart and wallets everyday as they walked through the doors of Taradale Registry!

When our staff ask you if you would like to donate $2 during the service, you resoundingly say YES. Just another reason to love our staff and our community.

We proudly support some great local charities that we have become personally involved with. Did you know that 40% of clients at the Calgary Food Bank are children? And that the Food Bank supports over 200 other charities?

As well, we are making a difference with local research into Childhood Cancer by supporting the organization, Believe in the Gold. All of our fundraising efforts go directly to Dr. Mahoney and his Calgary lab to perform high-risk science that will hopefully lead to a breakthrough. An important distinction between government or grant money that has to be more closely monitored, and can’t necessarily be used for out-of-the-box experiments.

In Canada, childhood cancer remains responsible for more deaths from age one through adolescence than any other disease; more deaths than asthma, diabetes, cystic fibrosis and AIDS combined.


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