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February Vehicle Expiry

Posted on Feb 1, 2021

February is about showing your love! We have Valentine’s Day and Family Day to celebrate this month. And if your last name starts with M (except for Me) or Q, then you gotta show your love to the Registry. That’s right! You get to go to your favourite place and spend $93 to renew your vehicle registration. But, don’t fret too much. Here are some tips to make your Registry experience easier:

  • Sign up here to get eReminders of when your registration and drivers licence are expiring
  • Get the reminder email and realize it gives you a link to renew ONLINE!
  • The busiest times at the Registry is Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Also, end of day and end of month are busy.
  • The slowest times at a registry? Mid-month, mid-week, mid-day.



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