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Don't Let Winter Scare You!

Posted on Feb 6, 2017

Snow! So. Much. Snow. Does it make you want to postpone your road test until spring? If your answer was yes….WRONG. That answer is wrong. Here are 5 reasons to take your road test in the winter: 

  1. Time. We have lots of open time in our schedule for road tests, so take your pick! Also, if you are taking lessons from a Driving School they also have lower volumes in the dead of winter. Lower enrollment means great value for your buck.
  2. Lenient. Your driver examiner will never be as lenient as he/she is when administering a road test in winter conditions. There are extra things to think about when driving in the winter, like leaving extra space for vehicles in front of you, build up of snow or ice etc. The examiner isn’t a cold-hearted monster! You get a little more breathing room to allow for these conditions.
  3. Pedestrians. A common reason for automatic failures is when a pedestrian shows up unexpectedly somewhere on your road test route and you don’t react properly. Doesn’t matter if the pedestrian was in the wrong, it’s your fault driver!  You fail. But, you’re chances of having to deal with a pesky pedestrian in the dead of winter decrease substantially.
  4. Confidence. Passing a road test by the skin of your teeth isn’t a win for anyone. You pass the road test in winter conditions and you KNOW you killing it behind the wheel.  Drive with confidence, dude.  You know how to drive at an appropriate winter speed, you obviously displayed good defensive driving techniques and you did it all without being afraidycat.
  5. Freeeeeeeeeeedom. And the alternative? NO freedom. Relying on public transit and friends/family for rides is even worse in the winter than it is in the summer. So, why wait?


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