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Cretaceous Cards

Posted on Jun 14, 2018

If you’re a dinosaur fanatic then you know the new Jurassic World movie comes out in a few weeks. However, Chris Pratt and a couple of carnivores shouldn’t be the only prehistoric news that you’re excited about! The Province of Alberta recently decided to redesign the Alberta Drivers Licence Cards, and these cards will now feature Albertosaurus, a dinosaur whose remains were found in Alberta.

For our non-dinosaur readers, worry not, because the reptile is not the only change on the new cards. The new licences and ID’s have several added security features such as clear windows, laser engravings, and three dimensional embossing. These will help combat counterfeits and identity theft.

There will also be the addition of Castle Mountain and Bow River, along with a depiction of the Wild Rose, Alberta’s provincial flower.

Our favourite part of the card is that it has a sound component. Yes, you heard correctly, the card can make noise. If you drop the card on a hard surface, it will make a metal-like sound, unlike bank cards or other ID cards. This will hopefully result in smaller number of lost cards as people will hear the sound if it fall out of their hand or wallet.

The best part is that because of technological advances, the province will save close to $1-million per year with the new design!

With all the recent news about identity scams and breaches of public information, we’re happy to see the province taking a positive step in ensuring the safety of our fellow Albertans.

Service Alberta has already started printing the new licences effective June 6, 2018. There is no need to come in and exchange your cards right away, the new cards will be issued to Albertans when they go to a registry to renew their expired cards.


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