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No They Didn’t!

Posted on Apr 8, 2016

Oh they did. Now that the Government of Alberta has eliminated mail out reminders to renew your vehicle registration and driver’s licence/ID cards, you really need to sign up our free eReminder service. By really, we mean REALLY. Getting caught with expired documents could be a real hassle.

First of all, getting pulled over on the side of the road is embarrassing. I see you! Trying to hide your head behind your hand as I drive by rubber necking to see what’s going on.

Secondly, it could get expensive. A ticket for driving an unregistered vehicle can run you $270. And a ticket for driving with no licence can cost the same, and the offense hangs around on your drivers abstract for three years. Let’s not even start about how it will affect your insurance costs!

Thirdly, for the love of pete, you are a grown-up. And grown-ups need/should have these kinds of things under control. Forget about trying to keep up with Jones’. Let’s start with making sure you are properly renewed with all of your Registry needs. We can help. Sign up and feel real good about what a grown-up you are.

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