Marriage, Birth & Death

Marriage, Birth & Death​ Certificates

Vital Statistics services offered at Northeast Registries include ordering birth, marriage or death certificates. One piece of ID is required (e.g. drivers licence, passport, birth certificate, permanent residence card or citizenship card) and must be presented in the office.

There are two options for receiving the above certificates.

  • mailed directly to your home
  • pay a $20 delivery fee and pick your certificate up at the Registry


If there are no issues with your certificate, the government will mail them out using regular service with Canada Post, and you should receive it in 1 – 2 weeks. The delivery fee to pick them up at the office saves you about two business days.

If there are any amendments required with your certificate, please expect to wait 3 – 4 months. The only way to speed up this process is to provide documentation that a rush is required (ie plane ticket or itinerary).

If you are currently outside of Alberta and would like to order a vital statistics document, you can apply online here:
Marriage Birth Deah - North East Registries Sunridge and Taradale Calgary Alberta