Non-Alberta Vehicles

Non-Alberta Vehicles

Out of Province

All vehicles from another province must be inspected by a licenced mechanic in Alberta, prior to registering. New vehicles that are within 90 days from the date of purchase are exempt from the inspection process (coming from another Canadian jurisdication or within Alberta).

1. Bring in proof of ownership (e.g. bill of sale or out of province registration).

2. Purchase an Out of Province Vehicle Inspection form at the Registry.

3. Take form to licenced mechanic and have inspection completed.

4. The mechanic will supply a completed form. This must be brought into the registry within 14 days of the inspection date.

5. Bring in proof of ownership, inspection form and valid insurance to register the vehicle in Alberta.

Out of Country

If you are importing a vehicle from outside the country, then Canada Customs will provide you with the additional documentation you require to register in Alberta (i.e. Form 1). For those wishing to import a vehicle from the US or other countries, you may find more information at the Registrar of Imported Vehicles. The rest of the steps are the same as above.

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