If you would like perform vehicle registration services on behalf of an individual that cannot come in to the registry, please fill out the Vehicle Registration Authorization form and bring with you.

Registration Services

Vehicle Renewal

*The Government of Alberta has eliminated plate stickers for vehicles*

For renewing a vehicle, please bring:

  • Photo ID
  • Valid insurance


If you would like to renew a vehicle on someone’s behalf, bring valid insurance and one of the following two options:

  • The current vehicle registration (copy or picture or registration also works)
  • Have the registered owner print out and sign the Vehicle Registration Authorization form (link in green box to the left) for you
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First-Time Vehicle Registration

For new vehicle registration, please bring:

  • Bill of sale (must include the VIN, date, signatures of buyer and seller)
  • Valid insurance
  • New Vehicle Information Sheet (NVIS) – only applies to brand new vehicles


Please note that the name on the bill of sale must match the name listed on the insurance policy. If the bill of sale is in two names, then the insurance must also have both names and you must come in together and register the vehicle jointly.